I was in chemistry class, and we were doing a lab with pennies. We had to take some iron wool and try to make the penny shiny. Mine wasn't working out so well, so my teacher came up to me and said, " You're doing it wrong, you have to push hard and make sure you get in there deep." TWSS.


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In our biology class we have a really annoying guy that loves to annoy everyone. One day he was sitting behind this girl and he started shaking the back of the seat with his legs on the book-holder. The girl told the teacher that he was shaking the chair and the teacher told her to deal with it, the girl replied "but hes doing it so hard and fast!" TWSS.


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My friends and I were going through tough times. Trying to console us, one friend said "I know its hard, but we just gotta ride it out." TWSS.


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