My friend Jen was playing a game on the iPhone and she was pissed and screamed out loud, "Holy fuck, why is this so hard?" TWSS

(36 Laughs)


I was trying to figure out how to work a computer program and was getting so frustrated that I turned to my friend and yelled, "It's so hard, I cant do it anymore!" TWSS

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When we were in class my friend said, "Sadness... even thought it's hard you need suck it up and swallow it." TWSS

(39 Laughs)


The other day in P.E. we were doing sit-ups and the teacher said to one of the students, "Faster, Joseph! Keep pushing! I know it's hard, but we're almost done." TWSS

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I was riding horses with my friend. We were cantering pretty fast and I guess she didn't like it because she said, "Can we slow down? Actually, can we just dismount for a minute? I need to catch my breath, I'm not used to riding this hard." TWSS

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Today my Dad and I were changing the light bulb in this weird hanging light. We had to take a cover off the bottom to get to the bulb. When we were putting it back on he said to me (in reference to the screws), "Can you screw it in the other holes?" (TWSS) Then when we were done he said, "That wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be." TWSS

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My friend was talking about the homework assignment we had over the Thanksgiving break and she said, "I did all the hard ones last night." TWSS

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Ralph in Lord of the Flies: "More wood! You all need to get more wood!" TWSS

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I was in the living room with my family and we were talking about getting a new sofa when my mom started saying to my Dad, "Honey it's way
too hard and it hurts my back." TWSS

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I was in a art class, when I was making a sculpture and I wanted to pick it up, but the teacher said, "Don't touch it yet, it ain't hard enough." TWSS.

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