A friend and I were at the hockey shop looking at new hockey sticks and he says "Man this stick is stiff" and I say "Don't press too hard or you'll break it." TWSS.

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Me, my girlfriend, and my sister were in the kitchen with my grandmother talking about bananas. My sister said, "I don't like bananas because they're mushy." My grandma replied "I don't like them when they are soft, I like them when they're firm and hard." TWSS.

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One night a friend came back to my dorm all excited that she had found a potato bug outside. She had caught it in a cup and as she was showing us exclaimed "I touched it and was all hard!" TWSS.

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Me and my friend were hanging out and he banged his hand on a door and it made a hole. I then screamed "YOU DID IT TOO HARD!" then he replied "Well at least I can fit in now" TWSS

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Today, i was texting on my phone when my cousin said "wow, ur fast" i replied " it's not that hard unless my fingers get stiff' TWSS

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My boyfriend and I were having an argument over something, and I was really stubborn about my side of it. We were quickly distracted from the argument after he asked, "Why are you so hard right now?" TWSS.

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Today at school, i asked my friend how her weekend was. She said "it was long and hard and boring" TWSS

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My friend had hurt her neck wall climbing and on the way to the bus I asked her how her neck was feeling and she said "Its a little stiff, but I can manage" TWSS.

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my teacher was talking about the final exam. When someone asked if the test was hard and my teacher says "It's long but not hard" TWSS

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My friend and I were walking down the hall and she accidentally shocked me so we started talking about getting shocked and the extremeness of it. Talking about being shocked I said, "I scream really loud when it's hard." TWSS.

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