My brother got a shot at the doctor yesterday and after the shot he said, "The smaller ones don't hurt as much as the large ones." TWSS

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I Googled Blackberry Curve, The first site that came up had a slogan for the Blackberry Curve: "Fits perfectly in your hands and in your life." TWSS

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My family was choosing a shower head for our new bathroom when my sister said, "I prefer the ones that are wider and softer over the skinner, harder ones; those just squirt too strong" TWSS!

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I was in Spanish class and my teacher was telling us about this big building that everyone always made a big deal about. After seeing it in person, he said, "It wasn't as big as I thought it'd be." TWSS.

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I was showing my friends a TWSS montage from The Office on YouTube. While the video was loading one asked, "Is it going to be very long?" TWSS

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A colleague of mine was pushing a couple of chairs on the floor, one behind the other. She had to put them in a separate room. The supervisor asked her why she wouldn't just push it through the door. Her reply: "It's too long, I can't get it to curve!" TWSS

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The other day during advisory class my friends & I were hanging out in the cafeteria. One of my friends was slipping an iPod cover over my other friend's iPod & he goes, "It's not gonna fit. It's so big & the hole is so small." TWSS

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During my nutrition class one day I was trying to get the stem off of my apple. I proceeded to twist it off furiously as I said, "Oh my gosh, this thing is too little, I can't get it off!" TWSS.

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I was in the produce section at the grocery store today, looking at iceberg lettuce. I looked at all of them, picked one up and then put it back saying, "That head is really small." TWSS.

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In my freshman year music class, the teacher was describing a classical song to us and said, "It starts out soft, but then it gets really big." TWSS.

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