Quoting a line from the movie Journey to the Center of the Earth: "It's thicker than I thought." TWSS.

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I was making a friendship bracelet and asked my friend how long I should make it. She said, "Just do it until it's long enough" TWSS

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I was at my high school orientation and at the end the principal goes, "Thank you for coming, I know it was long." TWSS.

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I was shopping the other day with my girlfriend. We were talking about different outfit combinations when she picked up a shirt and said, "I can do a lot with this even though it's short." TWSS

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The little boy I was babysitting went upstairs to get the giant shark stuffed animal he got on vacation to show his friend. Their stairs are semi open so when the boy came downstairs his friend could see the shark for a second and he said, "I only saw the tip of it but it looks huge!" TWSS.

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The other day me and my friends were waiting for our band director to stop talking so we could go home and she says, "For such a small man, he takes a long time." TWSS

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I was vacationing with a few friends down in Miami, when we went to this amazing restaurant. At the end, the waitress, looking at her half unfinished plate, comes up and asks one of the girls, "Do you want this to go?" My friends says, "No!" She continued, "Dont get me wrong, it's nice, really nice, but it's just too big" TWSS.

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I was on Xbox Live with a few of my guy friends, me being the only girl that plays Modern Warfare 2, and my friend Mike was talking about something I'm not sure of, and I catch, "...when it's thicker, it's usually shorter!" TWSS.

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Me and my mom went shopping for a new ping pong table, and at one of the stores, the full tables weren't there, just small sample corners. So my mom asked, "How big do you think that one is?" I replied, "I'm not sure, but I'll bet it's huge." TWSS.

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Tonight, my family went out for Mexican. My sister picked up her cup and said "It's so big!" and I just looked at her because my dad was sitting across from us. Then she said, "What? I can't wrap my hand around it!" TWSS.

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