Me and my best friend were walking in the mall and we overheard a conversation between 2 people in Aeropostle. One said "How come mine isn't big enough?" and the other girl said, "I don't know maybe the hole's too small!" TWSS.

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Me and my friend were watching Angel on Wii and it was loading. She went and kissed the screen, and the movie loaded a little more. She sat back down on the couch and then said, "When I kissed him, it got a little bigger."

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My friend was having a birthday party and we got one of the guys to put on a girl's dress. Later on during our ride home, my friend said, "Yeah, I thought it was gonna be a little long, but it was actually kinda short. It fit perfectly." TWSS.

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I was petting my cat's tummy and he stretched out further than I've ever seen and I said, "Wow, I didn't know he could get that long!" TWSS.

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I was watching Jay Leno and they were at a inventors convention and this woman was a chef that makes food out of fabrics. She was looking at this poster of giant foods that she has made, and she said, "I like doing the big ones." TWSS.

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I'm texting my friend Zack about eating oreos because he wanted to put 6 double stuffed oreos into one. He decided it was disgusting because "it was too big, and had too much cream." TWSS.

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Today, I was at a horse show, about to jump a course and my riding instructor said, "This is a long and hard one, so ride it the hardest and fastest you can." TWSS.

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My grandma was drinking a milkshake and said, "it's too thick. I just keep sucking and I'm getting dizzy from it." TWSS.

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One day my friend and I were talking about swimming in gym. She was complaining about getting her hair in her swim cap and said, "There's too much of it, it wont all go in at once." TWSS.

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Today I was walking with my friend and we were listening in to a conversation between two guys. One of the guys said, "Here, I'll just put it in quick and fast." The other proceeded to say, "NO! It's too big, it will rip!" TWSS.

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