Today at work I shot a big rubber band over my cubicle and hit my co-worker and he said, "wow I didn't expect it to be that big" TWSS

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The other day I heard these two girls talking about some kind of mythical creature they had to draw for art class and all I heard was "It was long, and had a gigantic head." TWSS

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Last night I was asking my mom to get me a bowl so I could fix a bowl of beans. She wanted to know if I wanted a big one or a little one. I said, "I like the bigger ones better because I can hold them better." TWSS

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Yesterday, my friend was talking about her grandparent's chihauhau they had just got and she said, "It's so small, but it's so fun and nice to play with!" TWSS

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Everyone at work has nerf guns. My office mate brought it a rather small one and said, "Just because it's small doesn't mean it doesn't work". TWSS.

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I was watching Mythbusters and they were discussing a myth when Jamie said, "This one looks like a smally one, but a fun one." TWSS

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Today, I was working my job at a fast food restaurant. I went to go clean the dining room and I spotted an older woman attempting to eat one of our bigger sandwiches. I then heard her exclaim, "How am I supposed to get my mouth around this?" TWSS.

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Today in class, my classmate was doing crochet. She told my other classmate, "Haha, my hole got super big." TWSS.

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Yesterday I got lolly-pops & they were really big. My sister said, "It's too big for my mouth." TWSS.

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I was in cooking class looking at the cinnamon rolls we were cooking and all of a sudden someone else in my cooking group shouted "They're getting HUGE!" (TWSS) I then proceeded to say, "Yeah, they make yours look tiny." TWSS

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