We were in computer class making PowerPoint presentations. My friend Jessie was talking about her number of slides when she said, "Wow this one is really long, it might take a while. Hope you guys can handle it." TWSS

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This girl in math class was talking about a math problem in our assignment. She said, "Whoa, that's a long one." TWSS.

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I was watching the CMA Awards which Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley were co-hosting. Carrie Underwood was talking about Miranda Lambert's wedding, and she said on national television "It was just so beautiful, and big, and perfect." Brad Paisley: TWSS.

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I was walking through the paper towel aisle in the grocery store with my mom, and she was asking me to help her look for some absorbent paper towels. I picked up a roll of paper towels and asked, "How about these?" She responded, "Those are too thin. They won't last very long". TWSS.

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I was having dinner with a few friends, none of whom were very skilled or confident at carving a turkey. One of us admitted he had some experience (or had at least watched a YouTube video), so he decided to try. Someone else started to criticize the job he was doing, to which he responded, "I've never done one this big before!" TWSS.

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My mom was playing with our iPod Touch, but it had to be charged. The cord had to run over and behind the couch for it to be plugged in. Unfortunately, my mom kept pulling it out of the socket. Frustrated, she yelled, "How am I supposed to do this, it's so short!" TWSS

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I was in my English class and we have to write 2 reports. One is a brief report whereas the other is the main report. My professor was discussing when these reports are due, when he said, "When we get done with the little one, were gonna do the big one." TWSS

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Once, at a baseball game, my friend's mom had bought reuseable water bottles and ice for the entire team, except for one kid. He had a different water bottle and was trying to put the *obviously* too big ice cube in the water bottle. He said, "Oh damn it's too big, it won't fit. I guess I'll just have to suck on it." TWSS

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I pulled out a black hair out of my girlfriend's head and she said "hmm it's long, black, and thick." TWSS.

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I shipped a box of stuff to my dad. He texted me a few days later and said, “I just saw your package. I thought it would be bigger, is that all there is?” TWSS

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