My roommate was commenting on how short my phone charger cord is and said, "What are you supposed to do with something that little?" TWSS

(35 Laughs)


My friend and I were in the library and I needed to borrow his heavy Biology textbook. As he settled his book-bag on the table and looked down at it, I said, "Alright, take out that big monster." TWSS

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I have a pair of jeans that has a huge hole on the ass of them, so I wear them with basketball shorts. One day, I put them on and walked upstairs and my girlfriend's little brother looks at me after a few seconds and then proceeds to say, "Hey Curt, Think you can make that hole any bigger?" TWSS.

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My cousin was at my house earlier, and I decided to make him some ramen noodles. When I mentioned ramen, he said, "Ooh, I love the long, juicy ones!" TWSS

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One day my friend gave me a string and told me that it came from her scarf. So then I asked her how did she get it out and she replied,"I was playing with it, and then it got longer, so I yanked it off!" TWSS

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A quote about the infamous 'everlasting gobstoppers' from the original Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory: "You can suck them and suck them and suck them and they will never get any smaller!" TWSS

(42 Laughs)


My mom was showing us her new medication. We commented on the unusual size, and she said, "I know! I've never had to swallow one this big!" TWSS.

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While at a church event with about 300 people in attendance, a lady tried to put a microphone into a holder. It wouldn't fit and my priest proceeded to say "It's really small, you gotta jam it in there real hard." TWSS.

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I was in Science class with my friends and we were building a bridge out of k'nex. One of my friends was trying to get a piece to fit, she goes "It's too small, it keeps sliding out of place!" TWSS

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My mom was helping me out with my math homework, and the problems were frustrating her. She then said "Back in my day they weren't as big, you could get done with them in no time."TWSS

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