I went to a music teacher conference, and I sat through an hour-long presentation of how to properly care for a trombone. He informed us, "Penetrating oil. When a piece is stuck and you can't get it out. When you're pulling out. When you want to push in. Penetrating oil." TWSS.

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Earlier today, while referring to a loose wing-nut on a 4" expansion plug, I said to my co-worker: "Good thing I pulled it out when I did, because this nut was about to pop off." TWSS

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Me and my co-workers were waiting for work orders to come back from a client for a while, and all the comments were sent back at once. While reviewing the notes I said without thinking about it, "It's not that it's hard, it just all came in at once." TWSS

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Me and my girlfriend were sharing a packet of M&M's and I noticed she was taking more than one at a time because "It tastes better when you have two in your mouth at the same time." TWWSS.

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I was working on the ballistics test for reinforced glass with my partner.
The shot was fired and then she checked the glass and yelled, "No penetration!" TWSS

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My friends and I were trying a crane game to win a stuffed animal. One of them kept failing to get a stuffed bear and without thinking I said, "I think it's down in there too far." TWSS

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My friend and I were talking on the phone, while she was watching her brother put a string through the needle. Out of nowhere she screams in the phone, "He finally got it in!" TWSS

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During class one day, one the the students decided to bring in a cake for her birthday. As she was cutting the cake piece by piece a student told her lick the knife off. So she said, "I'm not going to put it in my mouth then stick it back in!" TWSS.

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Today in science lab we were using sand for an experiment. I got bored and dumped the sand out of the container and started playing with it. My teacher gave me an annoyed look so I started putting the sand back in. I said, "I'm putting it back in!" (TWSS) My teacher replied, "It wouldn't have been out if you hadn't been playing with it!" TWSS

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The other day my friends and I were hanging out at lunch and one of them was eating a sandwich. She goes, "OMG, this tastes so good in my mouth." TWSS

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