I was helping my little sister put in her earrings because she can't do it without a mirror. One of her ears was a little infected, so when I tried to put in the earring, she said, "Ow, please don't put it in that hole, it really hurts." TWSS

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Today, my friend was complaining about being hungry and exclaimed, "Just give me something to shove in my mouth!" TWSS.

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I was in math class and this kid in my class went up to get a paper towel. He put his hand to the machine and he said, "It's stuck! Help me get it out!" TWSS.

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My friend was nervous about getting her ear pierced, but after it was quick and painless she exclaimed, "It went in already! i didn't even feel it!" TWSS

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I was watching a video with this lady demonstrating how to set your microwave so you can eat your food as soon as it comes out without waiting for it to cool. She said, "The main goal I have here is to be able to take it out and pop it straight in my mouth without any pain." TWSS

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In science, my friend picked a pretzel stick off the floor and was about to eat it. Somebody tried to stop him but he said, "Too late! It's already in my mouth and it tastes fine to me." TWSS.

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Me and My friend were sitting down studying for finals and from across the room I heard someone say, "Can you just get it in already?" TWSS

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I was Calling PetCo and the audio was bad. I said "hello?" and the woman on the line said, "You're going in and out." TWSS.

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One day at school this guy in my class was looking through my friend's purse and couldn't find what he was looking for, so my friend said to him, "No, you have to stick your whole hand in there." TWSS

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My friend, describing roundabouts in Massachusetts, rambled "not everyone can do it, there's a technique for getting on and staying in, and frankly getting out can be just as difficult. Not to mention, a lot of people don't know what they're doing while they're in there." TWSS

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