i was in class and the teacher asked a kid to pull down the projector. He tried and she said, "Pull it harder. I mean yank it!" TWSS

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Me and my friend were playing tug of war when he said, "Pull harder. It isn't as much fun if you don't try hard enough." TWSS.

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Today my co-worker wanted me to get her some hot chocolate. After I got back, she tasted it and said she didn't like it. 20 minutes later, she was still drinking it and I asked, "If it's bad, why are you drinking it still?" Her reply was, "It feels good in my mouth, but I don't like the taste." TWSS

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My dad picked out a Christmas tree the first year I was in our new house and I say "Wow that thing is so big it can touch the ceiling" TWSS

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I was reading a book called Fail Nation, and there was a picture of a sign that said "Behold, I come quickly." TWSS

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My brother was using the smallest juice extractor on an orange and when he used it and the juice came out of the wrong area. He said,"The juice keeps coming out of the wrong hole!" TWSS.

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I was texting my guy friend and I told him to hang on beause I was going to take a shower. When I got done, I texted him back and said, "Okay I'm done. It was long and felt good!" TWSS

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Driving back from picking up a TV, I asked my friend if she had the cables to hook the TV up. She said she wasn't sure because "my box has got two holes and one is smaller than the other." TWSS

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I was playing a game on an iPad where you put your fingers on the screen and lines of light follow them and make different shapes. My friend was watching me do it and my sister walked in and said to him, "It's way better with two people because you can put your fingers in places they aren't supposed to go." TWSS.

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I was in a jazz choir class practicing the song "Such Great Heights" and the conductor stopped to tell the sopranos that she needed more from them on the "come down now" lyric. A girl who was struggling with singing the high note for "come" complained, "Ugh, but the come is soooo hard!"

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