I Googled Blackberry Curve, The first site that came up had a slogan for the Blackberry Curve: "Fits perfectly in your hands and in your life." TWSS

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My family was choosing a shower head for our new bathroom when my sister said, "I prefer the ones that are wider and softer over the skinner, harder ones; those just squirt too strong" TWSS!

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One of my fellow teachers once gave this advice to her class about submitting homework: "Put it in my hand; don't just leave it in my box." TWSS

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My brother said he lost something in the fireplace. Without thinking I said, "Let's look in there and see if we can get it out." TWSS.

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We were using the computer and overhead projector in English to correct a paper. It wasn't working so my teacher said, "Since we're having problems, I guess I'll just give it to you orally." TWSS.

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I was in Spanish class and my teacher was telling us about this big building that everyone always made a big deal about. After seeing it in person, he said, "It wasn't as big as I thought it'd be." TWSS.

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Once, my mom was talking to the guy who plows our driveway when it snows. She told him, "You poor thing, you plowed me twice and didn't get paid!" TWSS.

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I was sitting at a football game with my friend watching the marching band play during halftime. The show was taking forever and my friend goes, "Can this be over soon? My butt hurts so bad." TWSS.

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I was showing my friends a TWSS montage from The Office on YouTube. While the video was loading one asked, "Is it going to be very long?" TWSS

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My brother was experimenting with a garden hose. He then said, "Wow! I didn't know it could squirt that far!" TWSS

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